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Meet the Founders

Mikaela, a co-founder of Senior Support Care, smiles with purple flowers in the background
Spencer, a co-founder of Senior Support Care, smiles with purple flowers in the background

Hello! Our names are Mikaela (left) and Spencer (right).

We are McMaster graduates in Gerontology and Health Studies and co-founders of Senior Support Care.


We launched Senior Support Care with the goal to improve seniors' lives in our community, improve the well-being of primary caregivers, and create a community where individuals are valued, understood and appreciated. 

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Authors of
Any Game for Any Brain

Inside "Any Game for Any Brain," you'll discover an array of creative and adaptable games that promote cognitive stimulation, memory retention, problem-solving, and social interaction.

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Personal Experience
as Caregivers

Both Spencer and Mikaela have worked as caregivers and cared for their own aging family members. This first hand experience allows them to empathize with their clients' concerns and needs, offering an unparalleled level of understanding and support.

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Personal Connection
and Trust

No middleman in the communication process. Decisions can be made quickly and efficiently. If there are any changes or adjustments needed to your care plan or the caregiver schedule, Spencer and Mikaela can address these concerns promptly by ensuring that your care remains seamless and well-coordinated.





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We're active on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok, where you can find our latest updates, exciting announcements, and informative resources, such as these short videos below!

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