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Active Living: Exercise & Physical Activity Services

A skilled caregiver can provide personalized support to help you or your loved one stay active and healthy. From gentle stretching and chair exercises, to walking and balance training, an exercise assistant can help improve strength, flexibility, and coordination, while reducing the risk of falls and injuries. With the right support, you can enjoy the many benefits of regular exercise, such as improved mood, better sleep, and reduced risk of chronic disease. 

A caregiver holds a bag of groceries as they help a client walk outside

Fall Prevention 

A client smiles as they hold a yoga mat at the gym

Yoga & Meditation 

A caregiver stands by a client as the client walks with a walking aid


A caregiver holds a client's hand

Chair Movements

A caregiver helps a client develop a greater range of motion by stretching their arms

Range of Motion

A client smiles during a dance class

Zumba & Dance


The ladies who worked with my dad brought a smile and some laughter and some conversation into my Dad's life on a daily basis. This brought my great satisfaction as well, knowing that my Dad had a happy and stimulating day!

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