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Words from Our Satisfied Clients

A client happily sets by a trail with green trees in the background
A senior client happily holds a tropical drink while sitting outside
A client wears sunglasses as they sit outside in their backyard
A client smiles on a walk as they pass by some pretty yellow flowers

Raquel certainly is all of those things and more. She has a never ending supply of activities and quickly learned what my husbands enjoys. I think the exercise routine is not one of his favourites, but she consistently makes sure these are also completed. In terms of his sense of well-being, his stamina and general feelings of satisfaction, my husband has definitely benefitted from Raquel’s intervention. Others who know him have also commented that he is more alert and responsive. I would like to express my thanks to Raquel for her consistently sunny disposition, generous nature, and skill in providing appropriate interventions for my husband. As part of the package, I too enjoy Raquel's company and am very happy that Mikaela and Spencer arranged for her to come to our home.

The ladies who worked with my dad brought a smile and some laughter and some conversation into my Dad's life on a daily basis—something he needed to stay stimulated yet could no longer obtain on his own due to dementia and the stroke. For the last year of his life, you were able to bring this to him. Although he could not usually remember what had occurred that day, he was always happy when I visited him at night which let me know he had had a great day. This brought my great satisfaction as well, knowing that my Dad had a happy and stimulating day!

With the assistance of Senior Support Care, we have managed to promote a positive quality of life for my father as he transitions to LTC. Both Mikaela and Spencer have the understanding, skill set, empathy, and genuine gift of working with individuals and their families to provide exemplary dementia care. This includes specific personal care we have requested, provision of stimulating activities to engage and keep my father engaged and active, persuasive and responsive dementia approaches using their remarkable communication skills, and providing tips for us as family members to better manage the cognitive and often challenging behavioural changes that come with dementia.


As well, Mikaela and Spencer are intuitive to the needs of us as a family, mindful in supporting us to cope and adapt. Their flexibility to adjust to our requested schedule changes, to listen when it gets tough, ability to work respectfully and positively with LTC staff, and to provide us with feedback is simply reassuring. 

Saxon (also known as Venus in our household) is kind and caring. One day my father asked if I thought he was too old to marry. My question was who he was considering marrying. "Venus," he told me. Once we established who Venus was, the answer was unequivocally yes, you are too old!


From painting to nature books, Saxon explores things with my father we never knew were of interest to him. Tomoko, comes with wisdom, gentleness, and great humour. Everyday she makes Peter laugh, even on days when he has been miserable with everyone else! She has such a philosophical outlook which is both comforting and grounding during a challenging time. Tomoko also has the most amazing folding skills. Laundry has never been so tidy here...ever!  Kyana, the midnight angel, has magical powers. Her presence seems to calm Peter and we miss her on Thursday nights especially. She comes in quietly and efficiently, redirecting him when needed. 

Senior Support Care has been a blessing for our family. We have had their services for over a year - both attending to mother in her apt and upon her admission into a long term care facility. In both cases, the two care givers, Alyssa and Maha, were and are crucial to mom's physical and emotional well-being with their authentic compassion, professionalism, and their display of affection for mom. I am so grateful we found them

I reached out to Mikaela in desperate need of a support worker who spoke Italian for my father who suffers with severe dementia. She assured me that she would do her best and find someone to fit my fathers needs. She was professional, caring, knowledgable plus found an amazing PSW who speaks Italian. My fathers needs are being met, he is being understood and cared for and I now have peace of mind.  I highly recommend these 2 amazing women.

When my mother was being released from hospital, she required more help. I reached out to Senior Support Care and they matched my mother with a compassionate caring fun caregiver that became my mothers best friend. They always had my mothers best interest in everything they didMy mother has now transitioned into LTC but she still talks about her special friend Raquel.

The Team Behind The Reviews

Many seniors experience loneliness and isolation, particularly if they are living alone or have limited mobility. Good care can help seniors stay connected to their communities, maintain social relationships, and engage in meaningful activities.

A caregiver wearing a mask pets a client's very happy dog
A client in a wheelchair holds a bright volleyball alongside a caregiver
A client joyfully celebrates their 92nd birthday with a large cake
A client scoops soil from a bag as they plant tomato and flower seeds
A client happily throws a paper airplane outdoors
A client with a walking aid smiles in front of a tree on a sunny day
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