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Advocating for our elders

What does it mean to be an advocate for our loved one? How do we become an effective advocate to ensure our loved one is receiving the respectful care they deserve?

If the time comes when our loved one requires the kind of support that a care facility provides, it is important to remember that they will require an effective advocate. Once our loved one moves into a care facility they will have the support of both professionals and staff members to help them daily, however not everyone will have the same knowledge base, the same skills set or the same level of experience. This is why we want to ensure that we are looking out for the best interests of our special person always, while making sure that the activities and supports that are happening around our loved one is in their best interest. To do this we sometimes have to be strong and protective, and give voice to our loved ones when they are not able to do so. As effective advocates we must be conscientiously engaging in what needs to be resolved, and making sure that we are reaching out to the right person and/or organization. It is very important to have open communication with your loved one’s care team so that you always have the most up to date news on your loved one’s health and wellbeing. Additionally, you are the one who knows your loved one best, so it is always important to share as much information with them as you are able. Lastly, we are always going to be the most effective when we approach professionals, staff members and volunteers with a positive mood and a smile.

At Senior Support Services we really stress the importance of advocating for our clients. We strongly believe in helping to give a much needed voice to older adults, and the vital role this along with empowerment and engagement will play through their aging journey.

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