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My Journey to Helping Others

My passion for helping others began at a young age. When I was 12 years old, I started my own summer camp with the goal to raise money for Haiti relief after the major earthquake. I was able to successfully organize this day camp for three consecutive summers, raising over $1000 to the Red Cross. Little did I know my true calling would surface as a result. It was this camp where I discovered a great satisfaction for giving back to the world around me, and learning that this feeling of giving was like no other feeling I had ever experienced.

From there, I dreamed of opening up my own business centered around helping others in some sort of way. I had the opportunity to watch my dad operate a business with two of his good friends which was inspiring and fascinating to me, and I knew it was something I had the capability of doing. However, I never would have thought that this dream of mine would escalate into co-owning a business to provide support to seniors when they need it the most (not to mention alongside my best friend). While studying Gerontology and Health Studies at McMaster University, my passion for helping seniors grew immensely as I did more research, wrote more papers and volunteered with different senior communities. I was very grateful to become the Gerontology coordinator on the Health and Aging Student Association as this role gave me the opportunity to organize events in our community to work directly with seniors. During my time volunteering, this is when I became certain where my particular passion lied and knew that my pathway was going to take me in the field of working with seniors. 

Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of working with so many amazing people who have shown me strength, selflessness, courage, kindness, and compassion. I have gained a significant amount of knowledge and insight from all my clients and I have learned that each and every one of them has a different story and a unique outlook on life. Each of them has their own wisdom that has helped to shape the person I am today. Throughout my time spent helping my clients along their aging journeys, I have grown not only as an individual, but also as a caregiver. I have become a stronger woman, learning how to support and advocate for older adults so that their voices are heard. I have learned that we must treat all individuals with the same dignity and respect, and ensure that we are not just hearing, but listening and applying what they are saying. To be an effective advocate for our loved ones we must use our inner strength and show our dependability, attentiveness, patience, empathy, and compassion.

Over my several years of studying, volunteering, and working I have gained experience on how to provide the best support, make undeniable connections and form life-long relationships with my clients while catering to their emotional, physical and cognitive needs. My goal is always to help older adults live a happy, healthy life through their aging journey. Being the reason someone gets up with a smile on their face, finds joy in a gloomy day, and laughs when their body pains is the reason why Mikaela and I have started Senior Support Services of Southern Ontario. I am so grateful that everyday I get to help someone that has spent their lives helping others.

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