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Old Is Gold

One thing in life that never changes is that neither fame nor fortune can protect individuals from old age. Embracing the aging process can be a positive experience if you choose to see it that way. Growing old is an opportunity and privilege that half the population dreads. Our society tells us that aging is not something to look forward to and can leave us fearful, depressed, and lonely, but aging is a verb, it is something you do and when you age it takes effort and strength if you want to be proactive in the process. I hear almost every day when I tell people about my job that if they get that old just end it, or they could never imagine being in that position "needing that kind of help". I have yet to figure out a good response because.. well I view aging differently than most. I see seniors as amazingly strong, compassionate, intelligent people no matter where their stage of life is. Needing help does not make someone weak and it definitely should not lower someone's dignity. You do not need to wait to get help until you are on your "deathbed". Growing old is a privilege and so many people do not get the opportunity to grow old. If you know someone who is 70, 80 or 90 years old that’s a lot of life that has been lived in that body. It is normal to have aches and pains and have a hard time doing the things you once did. Needing help does not make people weak. We are in a nation of caregivers, people who are caregivers, people who will be caregivers and people who will need caregivers. Changing stereotypes and peoples opinions can be one of the hardest things but if you are reading this ask yourself which person are you? If you are a senior, reflect on how strong and resilient you are. Every day you have faced a different day and a different battle. If you are a caregiver ask yourself what have you done for your client to make them feel valued, dignified, appreciated, and independent. Wake up every day and convince yourself to look at something or someone in a different light.

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